My illustrated talk on the Pantanal

2 opportunities to see my images and hear me talk about this amazing place for wildlife
I will be giving my illustrated talk: Jaguars and Jabirus: wildlife in the Brazilian Pantanal for 2 local groups in November 2014: for Ashford Birdwatchers' Club on Wednesday 12 November and for St. Mary's Bay Camera Club on Thursday 20 November.

"The Pantanal is to the Americas what the Serengeti is to Africa. The aquatic heart of South America showcases some of the most breathtaking gatherings of mammals, birds and reptiles that you could ever hope to see. The numbers in the world's largest wetland can challenge credulity....The Pantanal, in short, is a wildlife watcher's paradise". (James Lowen: Pantanal Wildlife: a visitor's guide. Bradt, 2010).